New coffee table book captures essence of the Hummer brand

Perhaps General Motors designer Bob Boniface -- the man heading up the Chevrolet Volt design program -- said it best: "There's a little Prius in every vehicle Toyota sells and there is a little Hummer in every vehicle GM sells."

Despite the public perception of GM, the Detroit-based automaker is working hard to earn its green credential. GM has launched several new hybrid models in virtually every vehicle segment and will soon launch the electric Chevrolet Volt. But despite GM's move to green, Hummer still remains the thorn in its side.

Case in point -- the new book titled "Hummer H2 - King Size America!". In true Hummer fashion, the coffee table book measures 17 by 25 inches and weighs a whopping 17 pounds. Ironically, the book's 200 pages were penned by a German automobile journalist, but he seems to have captured the essence of the brand -- including a centerfold that is actually wider than the H2 (pictured).

And keeping with the theme of excess, buyers can customize their copy with their name, license plate or even their H2's VIN number.

Only 999 copies of the book will be published with U.S. sales starting in April. But potential buyers better have a bank account the size of a Hummer -- the book retails for 999 euros ($1,570) in Germany.

It seems that unless GM ditches the Hummer brand complete -- which is highly unlikely -- it may never shake its gas-guzzling image.