Ford establishes 100,000 annual Flex sales goal

The Ford Flex, due to go on sale this summer, will be built at the rate of 100,000 units per year, and Ford brass is confident it can sell all the crossovers it can make. Jim Farley, Ford's group VP of marketing and communications, said on Friday it is "absolutely" possible for the sales goal to be reached.

With the new car -- and especially, fuel-thirsty truck and SUV -- market on a sales slide in 2008, Ford expects the crossover to appeal to buyers considering big vehicles such as the Explorer and Expedition, but who want better fuel economy.

New car sales in 2008 are predicted to be the slowest and toughest ever , and Ford is counting on new products such as the Flex, its Lincoln-brand MKS sedan and all-new F-150 to help the company through it, according to Automotive News.