Mazda to produce Mazda6 coupe and convertible, performance model?

While the Mazda6 has been a success here in the U.S., the car -- which wears the Atenza nameplate in Japan -- isn't getting very much attention in Japan. To combat this problem, Mazda is reportedly preparing a trio of JDM Mazda6 spin offs, which will include a coupe, cabriolet and a high-performance model.

According to 7tune.com, Mazda will also use BMW's 3-series as a benchmark for quality. Apparently Mazda will also use the 3-series as a model of what body styles to offer as the Atenza lineup will now include a coupe, sedan, convertible and wagon -- mirroring the 3-series' offerings.

No word on powertrain offerings for the new models, but it is believed that the high-performance model will be dubbed the Mazdaspeed Atenza.

It also remains unclear if the new models will be sold in America. But with the all-new Mazda6 not even available in the U.S. yet, it appears we might have to wait a while until we hear if the new models are in our future.