Italian man creates handbuilt supercar from scratch

Filandri Moreno may not be Enzo Ferrari, but he sure dreams like the late founder of the Italian supercar maker. Moreno, a 47-year old citizen of Northern Italy, has emerged from his garage after building his own supercar for the last four years. The amazing part about the car, which Moreno dubbed the Uragano (Italian for Hurricane), is that Moreno built the entire car himself -- every detail, from the car's brakes to suspension.

The only thing that the Italian-native didn't build himself is the car's Audi-sourced 4.2L V8, which Moreno got from a donor Audi A8.

Not much else is known about the Uragano -- including performance specs -- but it looks as though Moreno added a turbocharger to the Audi mill.

The overall look of the car is pretty slick, with some obvious influence from earlier Ferraris. The Uragano even pulls off the bare metal look quite well.

There are no plans to put the Uragano into production, but it's pretty impressive that one man could design a build an entire car from scratch -- excluding the car's engine -- in just four years.