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Volkswagen to demonstrate remote controlled parking system

by Paul Rachwal

Later this week, Volkswagen will unveil a prototype of its Park Assist Vision (PAV) parking system to the public at the Hanover Fair in Germany. The system allows for fully automatic parking and does not even require the driver to be in the car. The system is an evolution of the current Park Assist available as an option in some VW models.

Unlike current systems, with the Lexus parallel parking system as the most easily identifiable in North America, the PAV will park cars in perpendicular spaces as well.

Hardware required for such a feat includes ultrasonic sensors, electro-mechanical steering gear and a 2GHz computer to control it all and calculate the size of the parking space, as per Autocar. All the driver has to do is select an image of a desired -- and empty -- parking spot on the touchscreen monitor, put the gearbox in P and press a button on the key fob, whether he is in the car or not. Once the system guides the car into the spot, the engine is shut off and doors are locked. A stop button on the key fob stops the process.

VW has not revealed when or if such a system will see production.