Lexus files trademarks for IS coupes, new IS model

After months of speculations and spy shots, it looks as though Lexus is moving forward with its IS coupe program, a new report finds. On April 15th, Toyota's luxury division filed applications with both the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Canadian Trade-Marks Office that would seem to cover the coupe model(s).

According to my.IS, Lexus filed IS 250C, IS 300C and IS 350C trademarks. Presumably, the C stands for coupe, however, there is still the outside chance that C could stand for convertible.

What's even more interesting is the trademark on IS 300C. Lexus doesn't currently sell an IS 300 in North America, but such a model could -- and likely will -- plug the 100+ horsepower gap between the IS 250 and IS 350.

Lexus didn't file a trademark on IS-FC or any other combination of those letters, so a two-door IS-F may not be in Lexus' future. Then again, the Japanese automaker could still market a coupe version under the IS-F nameplate.

Whatever the case, it doesn't look like we will have to wait long to see the future of the IS lineup.