4.4L diesel-powered Ford Expedition [Spied]

It appears to be 'diesel test day' at Ford as spy photographers have spotted a 4.4L diesel-powered Ford Expedition while out testing. Photographers spotted a 4.4L diesel-powered F-150 earlier today, and this Expedition mule is sporting the same dual exhaust setup.

As with the F-150, the new diesel mill is intended to replace Ford's current 5.4L gasoline Triton V8 engine and, despite being a diesel, will offer similar performance to the Triton powerplant -- thanks to 340 horsepower and 430 lb-ft or torque. But even with all that power on tap, the 4.4L diesel unit will actually improve fuel-economy by about 20 percent.

To meet stricter diesel regulations, the new diesel will utilize a separate urea system to clean up NOx emissions. The system will inject a liquid urea solution into the exhaust stream in order to reduce emissions. The system requires a separate tank of urea, which will be refilled during routine oil changes.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the new engine is its intended applications. By the 2010 model year, the new mill will find its way under the hood of the F-Series SuperDuty trucks, E-Series van as well as the Lincoln Navigator.

April 29, 2008