Saleen to build S5S Raptor?

Saleen's S5S Raptor was one of a few show stoppers at the 2008 New York Auto Show, and now it looks like the car has a serious shot at making the transition from concept to road car. If the car does get the green light, it could even show up in Saleen dealerships as early as 2011.

Chris Theodore, vice chairman and chief technical officer of Saleen, told Automobile that the S5S Raptor does have a legitimate shot at making production. "Yes, the car has the potential for reality. We are well aware that the sweet spot in supercars is between about $150K and $200K."

While that endorsement falls short of guaranteeing the S5S Raptor's production, it does indicate that Saleen execs are heavily considering production.

Theodore also says that if the project is given the go-ahead, prototypes could be on the road and testing within six months, with full production beginning two years after that. "If we decide to do it, sometime in 2009 we'd have a running prototype," he said.

Saleen is touring the S5S Raptor with 200 of its dealers to gauge reaction. While we can't speak for the dealers, as car enthusiasts, we sure hope Saleen decides to put the S5S Raptor into production.