Future Lamborghinis to cut down on use of Audi parts

Platform and component sharing has become a way of life at many automakers in an effort to streamline production costs, but downright badge engineering isn't good for any brand. While no one will accuse exotic carmaker Lamborghini of the latter, the automaker is taking steps to prevent criticisms of parts sharing with parent Audi. Lamborghini's Gallardo is criticized by many in the industry for sharing too many parts with Audi's R8 and this has prompted the exotic automaker to institute a new internal policy that will limit Audi parts use in its cars to no more than 20 percent.

In order to maintain the brand's image and keep its customers from believing they're being ripped off, Lamborghini president Stephen Winkelmann vowed only internal, high-cost parts will be shared with Audi.

"That could include things like the electrical platforms that need high investment, or hoses and filters, but we have to safeguard against too much of it," he said in an Autocar report.

That said, the company is keen to point out working together with Audi does result in better quality products that save the company money, which is ultimately reflected in the price. The Gallardo's LP560/4 V10 block is cast in the same factory as some Audi engines, and assembled on the same line. The companies already share electrical harnesses and many more small parts like fasteners. The R8 has been called a budget Lamborghini, which is a bit of a stretch, but does have some basis for it.