More Audi A6 details gleaned: less weight, more go

While we've been keeping you updated on the upcoming, next-generation Audi A6, there are new reports of its styling, structure and more engine data, though not exactly pertinent to North America. The sedan is expected to launch in 2010, one year later than competitors, the BMW 5-series and Mercedes E-class.

The news tidbits come from Car magazine, as does the artist-rendered image. The big news is that the A6 will benefit from the same aluminum alloy spaceframe construction that keeps the weight of the maker's TT and R8 sports cars, as well as A8 flagship, relatively low.

Like in the TT, the A6's ASF II (second-generation Audi Space Frame) passenger cell will be made of aluminum, with steel reinforcements. The structure is said to be 50 percent lighter and 50 percent stronger as well. ASF II will be used in other large cars as well, including the A8 and upcoming A7, but where it will make the most impact is in the Q7 SUV, which figures to be nearly 700lbs lighter.

On the performance side, the new A6 will feature suspension, steering, brake and drivetrain components that aim to move back the current car's nose-heavy weight bias.