Lamborghini won't meet emissions standards, but it won't build an SUV, either

How will Lamborghini -- a company that produces vehicles with only V10 and V12 engines -- meet new emissions and fuel economy standards? Put simply -- it won't. "We will never reach the emissions that are asked for," explained CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

Winkelmann said in a recent interview with Automotive News his company has no plans to switch away from ten- or twelve-cylinder power to turbocharged V8s or something less fuel-thirsty. He said his company sells so few cars, and most Lamborghini owners drive the cars less than 5,000 miles per year, so the emissions impact is "very small." He admitted, however, there could still be some controversy. "It's an emotional discussion," he said.

Winkelmann also reiterated Lamborghini will stick with a two-model lineup for the foreseeable future. Adding a third model -- a 2+2 or an SUV -- is not on the horizon. In other words, environmentalists need not worry about a 5,000-pound V12-motivated 4x4 from this Italian supercar maker!