Audi R8 to offer full LED headlights

Audi's R8 has been a sales success for the German automaker -- largely due to its precise handling and flat-out performance -- but Audi is giving its supercar one more feature to give it a leg up on the competition. The R8 will now be available with full LED headlights -- a feature that Audi promised was coming when it first introduced the sports car.

While several automakers use LED in taillights, day-time running lights and fog lights, LED headlights are typically reserved for concept cars. Because LED headlights have yet to become mainstream, the technology is still very expensive, which is why that particular option box on the R8 will set you back '£3,590 -- about $7,100 USD.

But LEDs do have a significant advantage over typical lighting setups. Audi claims that LEDs more accurately replicate sunlight, giving drivers better overall night vision. LEDs are also more durable and reliable than standard bulbs, so they are guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the car.

Another relatively unknown advantage of LED bulbs is that they are actually more efficient than regular bulbs. According to the Detroit Free Press, cars equipped with LED lights will save about a gallon of gas a week compared to a car equipped with traditional lights. However, we don't expect many of the buyers of a 420 horsepower supercar to be too concerned with fuel consumption.