GM to launch limited edition Corvette S in Japan

General Motors has announced that it will launch a limited edition Corvette S for the Japanese market. Intended to commemorate the automaker's 100th anniversary, the Corvette S will see a limited production run of 30 units - 15 in Arctic White and 15 in Black.

Despite the "˜S' moniker, the limited edition "˜Vette will be little more than a spruced up version of the car sold in the U.S. Additions to the Corvette S will include a leather wrapped interior, rear spoiler, a grille insert between the car's exhaust and a unique front grille treatment.

Power for the Corvette S will be sourced from the same 430 horsepower 6.2L V8 found in the standard model.

Pricing for the Corvette S will start from '¥7,980,000, with an on-sale date of July 4th.