2010 VW one liter [Illustrated]

Back in 2002, Volkswagen created a highly frugal concept dubbed the "╦ťone-liter'. It was a two-seat, one-cylinder cigar-shaped economy car that promised tremendous fuel economy - up to 282 mpg! But because of the high price of carbon fiber at the time - the one liter's main construction material - the project was put on hold until at least 2012. However, VW brass has reportedly given the project the green light two years in advance, with the one liter now slated for production in 2010.

According to CarMagazine.co.uk, the one liter's overall design hasn't changed much since 2002. The production car will retain its 1+1 seating style, as well as the concepts canopy door.

Weight and aerodynamics will be the name of the game with VW doing everything it can to maximize both. Review mirrors will be replaced with cameras and non-essentials for a vehicle weighing less than 700 pounds - such as power steering and power brakes - will be left off. Despite the amazingly light curb weight, the one liter will still feature a driver's airbag, ABS and ESP.

The original one liter was powered by a one-cylinder engine, but the production version will use a two-cylinder diesel engine. A hybrid powerplant is also said to be part of the equation, which will allow for partial zero-emissions operation. Power will be sent to the wheels via a motorcycle-sourced transmission.

VW's ultimate green machine is expected to retail anywhere from $32,000 to $48,000, with production expected to be limited to 1,000 examples annually.