Camaro watch: The Z28 is dead

If you're a Camaro fan, you might want to look away. This one is gonna sting a little -- or a lot. Put simply, there will be no Z28 Camaro. That's right: the program has been given the axe.

Rumors started making the rounds on Tuesday of this week about the uber-Camaro's demise. After doing some checking around with very well placed sources, we're afraid those initial rumblings are true.' 

The Z/28 was set to feature the fire-breathing LS8 motor. A 6.2L, small block V8 with a roots-style supercharger that was supposed to be good for 500 to 550 horsepower. With the Z28 put out to pasture, the SS model will now be the top dog. In the Camaro Super Sport's engine cradle, you'll find the LS3 V8 rated somewhere in the 400 to 450 hp neighborhood.' 

Normally this is where we'd speculate on the reason for this move by GM, though, do we even have to say it?' 

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Words by Chris Doane.