BMW considering Fiat platform to underpin larger Mini model

Earlier this month BMW inked a memorandum of understanding with Italy's Fiat group, but a new report indicates that agreement could be farther reaching than first thought. While the deal included platform sharing for the next-generation Mini Cooper, the memorandum also included the possibility of a larger Mini model built on Fiat's new C-Evo platform.

The successor to Alfa Romeo's 147 will be the first vehicle to ride on the C-Evo platform when it launches next year, but that platform could also underpin a larger Mini vehicle. The C-Evo platform is designed for front and all-wheel drive cars, according to Automotive News.

However, it remains unclear exactly what model the new platform would underpin. If Mini decides to go ahead with the program, the C-Evo platform could underpin next-generation Mini models such as the Clubman or even the yet-to-be-launched Crossman SUV. But with a launch date target of 2015, Mini still has plenty of time to decide exactly how to use the new platform.

In addition to the larger Mini platform, the deal also reportedly includes the co-development of gasoline and diesel powerplants - including a 1.6L unit and a 1.2L. The new engine family is being designed for front-wheel drive applications and will save the automakers at least 150 million euros.