Lightning GT EV unveiled at London show

It seems that as of late there is no shortage of performance electric vehicles. Between the Tesla Roadster and the recently announced SSC Ultimate Aero EV, there should plenty of future options for zero-emissions fun. But add one more EV to the list as the Lightning GT electric vehicle has been unveiled at the London Motor Show.

Little details are known about the Lightning GT, but the few details that are available about the EV sound pretty good to us. Powered by four in-wheel electric motors, the Lightning GT will produce the equivalent of 700 horsepower. A carbon fiber body should help keep weight in check and allow the Lightning GT to hit 60 from a standstill in 4 seconds flat.

In true GT fashion, the Lightning GT will also sport all the features you would expect from a luxury coupe, including leather, air conditioning and satellite navigation.

No other details are available on the Lightning GT - including estimated price - but the Lightning GT's maker, Lightning Car Company, is accepting '£15,000 deposits.