Nissan's 'ECO pedal' to push back on the war against fuel consumption

Although gas prices around most of the country have retreated a bit from the $4 mark, most of us are still driving with a proverbial egg beneath the accelerator pedal. However, beginning next year, that egg will be able to push back in some Nissan-branded vehicles.

Japan's number three automaker announced on Monday that it will launch a new technology next year dubbed the "ECO pedal." The pedal uses onboard electronics to determine when the driver is excessively accelerating - and therefore wasting gas and emitting more emissions - and can actually push back on the driver's accelerator foot.

According to Reuters, tests have shown that the ECO pedal can improve fuel economy by 5 to 10 percent. Although Nissan has announced that the ECO pedal will make production next year, the Japanese automaker failed to mention in what vehicles and in which regions of the world.

But spirited drivers fear not - the ECO pedal can be turned on or off manually by the driver.