MINI creates Clubman rickshaw to promote Chinese launch

The rickshaw: a staple of Chinese mobility for over a century. The MINI Clubman: not so much. The solution: combine the two. That's exactly what Beijing MINI decided to do to promote the MINI Clubman's launch in China.

MINI's rickshaw - which has been dubbed "˜the other rickshaw' - launched earlier this month in the hopes of capturing some local headlines. Despite the Olympics presence in China, the campaign has landed the other rickshaw in several local media publications and has even managed to garner some international attention.

The Clubman rickshaws started out life as standard issue Clubmans, but were sent to Hong Kong to undergo the conversion to pedal power. From there, they were sent to Beijing to start the campaign and "bring good luck to the Beijing Olympics," according to China Car Times.

Although probably not as fun to drive as the regular Clubman, MINI could be onto something with this new zero-emissions drivetrain"¦