Porsche prepared to produce four-cylinder model

Stricter emissions and fuel economy regulations are looming on the horizon for the world's automakers, which has many car makers completely rethinking their future powertrain offerings. While more mainstream automakers have already announced plans to cut back larger engine production, the world's exotics have indicated they have no plans on changing their proven supercar formulas. However, Porsche might be bucking the performance car trend as it has engineered a green Plan B into its new car lineup.

Thomas Krickelberg, Porsche's head of powertrains, revealed that the company's new range of six-cylinder engines were actually engineered so they could be converted to four pot units. "[There are] the discussions about global warming and the need to reduce fuel consumption," Krickelberg told Drive. "The target was to have a six-cylinder because that is the criteria of the 911 and the Boxster. But there is still the option to reduce the number of cylinders."

The result of lopping off two cylinders would be a Boxer four displacing about 2.4L.

Despite the ability to turn its six-cylinder engines into four-cylinders rather easily, Porsche has no plans to produce a four-cylinder model as of yet. Instead, Porsche will use the flexibility of its powerplants more as a Plan B - only using the option if the need arises.

Although Porsche doesn't currently offer a four-cylinder model, the automaker has a lengthy history with the four-cylinder engine, dating back to the company's first Porsche 64 in 1939.