Insiders: Second-generation Cadillac XLR unlikely

XLR R.I.P.? It's definitely looking that way. If the recent, modest refresh of the Cadillac XLR convertible left you wanting more, chances are you aren't gonna get it. Well-placed sources have now told us that the XLR will be killed off in a few years' time.

Debuting in the 2004 model year, Cadillac hoped to sell about 6000 of the luxury hot rods a year. Unfortunately it has never met those goals. In fact, at the end of 2007, GM had only managed to sell 1750 copies.

Whether GM will attempt an all-new performance convertible in the future is anyone's guess at the moment. For now though, the XLR will solider on in its current state. However when its platform-mate, the Corvette, is redesigned around 2012, the chances of the Cadillac coming along for the ride are slim to none.

Not long ago, we flatly asked GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, "when the new C7 Corvette arrives, will the Cadillac XLR be along for the ride?"

"That is way too specific," said Lutz.

Words by Chris Doane