Citroen unveils GT concept

After teasing us earlier this week with some preview photos and videos of its GT concept, the French automaker took the stage this morning at the Paris Motor Show and introduced the concept car in its flesh. A real-life replica of a virtual race car used in the Gran Turismo 5 driving simulation for Playstation 3, the GT concept was created by a Citroen and Polyphony partnership.

A pearlescent shade of white paint coats the entire car, which is unfathomably sleek, long and low to the ground. Highlights include LED headlamps, and a huge wraparound windshield. Obviously just a concept car, the GT showcases a number of unique materials.

Inside, the GT features black leather with highlights of copper and steel. Gullwing-style doors theoretically allow entry, though even the best contortionist will find the GT a bit tricky to enter. The GT has a heads-up display system that uses red LEDs - an upgrade you can expect to see in production Citroens.

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