Mercedes-Benz introduces S600 Pullman Guard

Earlier today at the Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its unbelievably large S600 Pullman Guard armored limousine. Much in the style of Mercedes' '60s and '70s Pullman limousines, which were de rigueur transportation for the world highest echelon, the new Pullman will be marketed at those demanding the ultimate in luxury - as well as the ultimate in protection.

The S600 Pullman Guard comes with Mercedes' so-called "Highest Protection" safety package, which means that it has been engineered to resistance level B6/B7 against military-standard small-arms projectiles, hand grenades and other explosive charges. Needless to say, the clientele will be select.

Mercedes took a standard S600 sedan, stretched the wheelbase 115 centimeters (for an overall length of 6,356 millimeters) and gave the rear window a steeper rake for more headroom in the rear.

That rear area is, as would be expected, the lap of luxury. It is divided from the black-upholstered chauffeur's section (traditional limousines always featured black leather for chauffeurs) by an electrotransparent partition that provides both sight and sound barriers between front and rear. The panel can either be opaque or clear depending on whether an electric current is applied. An intercom, high-end audio, 19 inch flat screen display, DVD player, refrigerator and wood trim are all standard. The rear compartment is set up for satellite Internet access. Electric roller blinds can shield the entire passenger compartment.

With the armor protection and thick windows, the S600 Pullman features among the heaviest doors we've ever encountered. It's also one of the biggest - we'll have to wait until the show has cleared out a bit to get an unobstructed photo of it for you.

Underhood, Mercedes' twin-turbo V12 provides the massive Pullman with what Mercedes calls "effortless" motivation. The 517-horsepower engine allows the Pullman to get out of a "danger zone" rapidly, according to the automaker.

Obviously, the S600 Pullman Guard is aimed at high-ranking individuals who require added security in addition to luxury. Thus, pricing wasn't available but no S600 Pullman Guard is expected to sell anywhere under $300,000. Each will be individually tailored.

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