BMW planning X4 SAV?

Although BMW is best known for its sharp handling coupes and sedans, the Bavarian automaker is quickly expanding into new niche markets - most notably the brand's new Sports Activity Vehicle segment. While SAVs might not fall in line with BMW's traditional product offerings, it looks as though the concept is here to stay.

BMW's first forayed into the SAV segment with its X6 crossover/tall wagon/SUV earlier this year, but it looks as though the X6 will soon be getting a baby brother - or two.

According to Automotive News, BMW is planning a smaller X4 in the same vein as the X6. Although the name may change for production, the X4 is said to be a tall wagon that will offer four-wheel drive and the same hatchback styling as the X6. No word on what platform the new SAV will ride on, but it's quite possible the X4 could be related to the Progressive Activity Sedan spy photographers have been shooting for months.

Time tables for both the X4 and PAS line up - with both reportedly slated for a 2009 debut - further indicating they could be the same vehicle.

However, just as the X6 is intended to be a sportier version of the X5, the X4 could be an SAV version of the X3 - which is slated for a 2010 redesign. Further giving credence to this theory is the fact that BMW is considering an X2 to compliment the upcoming X1.

While BMW's crystal ball is a little hazy, one thing is clear: Expect more SAVs from the propeller badge.