Anything's possible: Aston Martin considering up-scale move

Aston Martin announced earlier this year that it would relaunch its Lagonda brand by early next decade, but that appears to be just a small piece of Aston's new brand strategy. In addition to relaunching the Lagonda nameplate, Aston Martin is also planning to move its own product offerings upscale.

The new strategy would see Aston Martin greatly reducing production and raising prices to equal that of comparable Ferrari models. Aston Martin is first testing the ultra-exclusive waters with its ultra-expensive One-77, the company's newest low-volume supercar that will retail for an astonishing $1.75 million.

If the One-77's market strategy works out for Aston Martin, the brand will likely expand the idea to its other model offerings. The would mean the marque's "entry-level" Vantage would see a price hike from about $150,000 to $200,000+, while the step-up DB9 would see a pricing scheme more in line with the $277,000 DBS, according to Autoweek.

Aston Martin's Gaydon production facility has been humming along at about 7,000 units per year for the last couple of years, but that figure would drop drastically with the company's new up-market plan. No word on how much production would drop by, but there would likely be enough room to move Rapide production in-house from Austria, which indicates Vantage and DB9 production would fall to 4,000 or less units per year.