Mercedes-Benz delays launch of 2010 S-Class

Mercedes-Benz's sales are slumping worldwide -- particularly here in the U.S. -- but help in the form of a new S-Class has been delayed by a few months. An updated version of Mercedes' flagship sedan was expected to make an appearance at last month's Paris Motor Show, but a new report indicates the new S-Class will be kept under wraps until mid-2009.

According to AutoTelegraff, Mercedes-Benz has delayed the introduction of its next-generation S-Class until April's Shanghai Motor Show. Mercedes reportedly delayed the next S-Class so that its debut would coincide with the launch of the S400 BlueHybrid.

The next S-Class is expected to soldier on with the current car's lineup of powertrains, but new exterior styling as well as a host of new technologies - such as advanced radar and camera sensing technology, electronic crumple zones and new situational software - should give the S-Class a fighting chance against the all-new BMW 7-Series.

The 2010 S-Class was expected to hit the market in spring 2009, but look for that date to be pushed back to fall or winter of 2009.