Illustrated: Ferrari 599 GTS Barchetta convertible

As previously reported, Ferrari engineers are hard at work on a convertible version of the 599 GTB Fiorano. Tentatively known as the 599 Barchetta, the car will be mostly identical to the regular 599, with a folding metal roof instead of a solid one. How will this exotic grand tourer look when it debuts next year? Have a look at our latest illustrations to find out.

The final name of the car is not known, but the Barchetta designation seems most likely. The 'GTB' portion of the name, which stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta, will likely become Gran Turismo Spider, or GTS.

Due to the increased weight of a convertible roof, it's possible Ferrari will boost engine output in order to offset the extra hundred-plus pounds. In the case of the 575 Superamerica -- this car's predecessor -- output was boosted by 25 horsepower compared to the 575 Maranello coupe.

In coupe form, the 599's motor cranks out 620 horsepower via 6.0 liters of displacement and twelve cylinders. Even with a horsepower increase, the convertible version will likely have a lower top speed than the Fiorano's 205 mph.

The car is expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, with availability beginning in late 2009.