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Ford cancels Taurus X production effective February '09

by Nick Aziz

It has long been rumored, but now it's official. Ford will end production of its Taurus X crossover in February 27th, 2009. Introduced in early 2007, the Taurus X is an improved and renamed version of the Ford Freestyle, which first went into production in 2005.

"The cancellation of the Taurus X will allow us to provide a singular solution to our customers needing a seven-passenger crossover with the Ford Flex, a great vehicle that is both safe and stylish," the automaker explained in a statement.

Sales of the Taurus X have been declining rapidly, so the move seems logical. That said, sales of the new Flex haven't been spectacular either, averaging around 2,000 units per month -- considerably less than the original goal of over 8,000 per month.

In September, Ford announced it would scale back production at its Chicago plant that builds the Taurus X by cutting a shift. The facility also assembles the Taurus sedan, Mercury Sable, and the new Lincoln MKS.

The MKS has seen strong demand, but the other models are on the decline. With the redesigned 2010 Taurus sedan right around the corner, Ford is hoping demand will increase. Meanwhile, the Mercury Sable has also been rumored for termination, but no announcement has come as of yet.