Alfa Romeo, BMW to share platforms, powertrains?

Fiat might be in the middle of negotiations to share small car platforms with Chrysler, but that's not stopping the Italian automaker from trying to continue an alliance with German automaker BMW. Last year, the automakers announced plans for a collaboration that would see a Fiat platform underpin the next-generation Mini and a BMW platform for the upcoming Alfa Romeo 149.

Car and Driver reports that Fiat is planning to make an announcement regarding that collaboration in the near future. The magazine says that the BMW 1-Series could underpin the Alfa Romeo 149 - the replacement for the current 147 hatchback (pictured), though that seems unlikely to us since we've heard the 149 is still on track for the 2010 or 2011 model year. Alfa Romeo is moving the 149 a bit upmarket since the small MiTo will take over as the brand's entry-level model.

It's also rumored that the two companies would co-develop a small car platform that would do duty in the next-generation 1-Series, the Fiat Grande Punto and the 149's replacement.

Expect to see further details announced later this week. It seems that Fiat is truly delivering on CEO Silvio Marchionne's plan to expand the automaker's global alliances.