Mercedes-Benz' AMG to launch first green tech next year

Mercedes-Benz' AMG arm has already declared the horsepower war over and the performance division will be making good on that declaration sooner than first thought. AMG has openly discussed the future use of such green tech as diesels and hybrids, but the first truly green AMG products could surface as early as next year.

AMG is currently developing a host of new technologies to save on fuel consumption - such as lighter weight materials and diesel and hybrid drivetrains - but those technologies likely won't be on the road for several years. However, AMG is reportedly readying the first of its green tech for launch next year.

According to Europe's AutoTelegraaf, AMG will introduce stop-start technology and direct-injection to its product line sometime next year. The start-stop function should boost fuel economy by 6-8 percent in mixed driving, with the direct-injection technology adding more fuel efficiency. No word on which AMG model will be the first to use this technology.

Overall, AMG intends to reduce its vehicle emissions by 30 percent by the year 2012, which means the first hybrid-powered AMG model may not be all that far off.