Infiniti releases teaser of Geneva-bound concept

In anticipation of next month's Geneva Motor Show, Infiniti has released a single teaser image of its Switzerland-bound concept car. Details on the concept remain scarce, but Louis Vuitton has been charged with making a set of corresponding luggage for the upcoming show car.

Infiniti is keeping mum on the details of the upcoming concept, but did say this of the forthcoming creation: "The dramatic concept will be a celebration of Infiniti and its 20 years history as a creator of performance cars. But equally it will be an inspiring exploration into the brand's future."

It's difficult to infer anything from the teaser shot, but it's quite clear the concept will have some dramatic design cues.

Infiniti recently launched its product line in Europe, so the Japanese luxury brand is hoping the tie-up with the established French luxury brand will give the marque more clout in the eyes of the typical BMW and Mercedes buyers. Frankly, we doubt many eyes will be glued to the concept's luggage when it finally debuts on March 3rd at the Geneva Motor Show.