Bentley hikes U.K. pricing by 5 percent

In response to the pound's continued weakness against the euro, Bentley says it has been forced to increase prices by 5 percent across the board in its home market - and we'd expect the pricing increases to spread to Bentley's other markets in due time. For now, however, well-heeled Brits looking to get into a Bentley can start with the '£120,700 Continental Flying Spur.

"We are reacting to the continued very low value of Sterling against the Euro", said Stuart McCullough, Board Member For Sales and Marketing in a statement released to the media. "As a UK business with much of our component costs based in Euros, we have to address the fact that our costs have increased significantly given Sterling's dramatic decline."

"A 5 percent price increase at a time of reduced demand and therefore reduced production may seem counter-intuitive", said McCullough, "but Sterling has depreciated by over 18% against the Euro over the last 12 months. It has therefore proved increasingly difficult to absorb the negative effect of these increased costs on our business."

The price hikes will take effect in April.