Infiniti Essence: 592-horse hybrid concept debuts

Earlier today at the Geneva Motor Show, Infiniti officially unveiled its new hybrid-powertrain concept car, the Essence. Embodying what Infiniti says is the essence of its brand, the rear-wheel-drive sports coupe is designed to celebrate Infiniti's past, while show off some new technologies.

Under its svelte bodywork, the Essence is home to Infiniti's first-ever hybrid powertrain, a 434-horsepower twin-turbo 3.7-liter V6 that teams up with a slim, disc-shaped "3D" 158-horsepower electric engine for a combined 592-horsepower.

The electric assist motor has about twice the torque of a conventional motor thanks to a layout that Infiniti says optimizes the electromagnetic coils and permanent magnets.

Inside, the Essence features custom luggage by Louis Vuitton, and a driver-focused asymmetrical cabin layout. The driver's side of the cabin features a black "theme," while the passenger's side features an "earthy red theme."

The Essence's exterior features some familiar design cues, but it also debuts the automaker's new "Dynamic Adekaka" design language based on Japanese traditions. A long hood and short rear deck make the Essence look more like a sports car of the past, at least proportionally, while sharp lines and complex surfacing feature details based on Japanese cultural pieces, like the "kanzashi" hairpin worn by women wearing kimonos.