Green with envy: eRUF Greenster EV

German Porsche tuning firm RUF has gone green by introducing at the Geneva Motor Show the production-feasible eRUF Greenster, an all-electric high-performance variant of its R and RT-Roadster gasoline engine models. The dark green, retro-style targa is based on the Porsche 997, but receives a Siemens-developed electric powertrain.

The model shown in Geneva features a single electric motor that puts out about 270 kW (362-horsepower) and 695-lb-ft. of torque. RUF says that the production model will feature a bi-directional network connection that can be recharged in less than an hour from a special 400-volt power outlet.

The green sports car hits 60 mph in about 5 seconds, according to RUF's testing.

The model shown was swathed in a rich green shade and featured retro-style touches inside and out that made it look a bit like the 912 Targa of the late 1960s.

RUF says that "small series" production is expected in 2010. If it reaches North America - which seems likely to Leftlane - it'll be sold through RUF's United States distributor, Dallas-based RUF Auto Centre.

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