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Geely releases GE: Blatant Phantom knock-off

by Andrew Ganz

They don't get much more obvious than this: If Chinese automaker Geely's new GE luxury sedan doesn't look familiar to you, you aren't getting out enough. A blatant copy of the iconic Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan - as well as the new, smaller EX200 concept - the GE does boast one unique feature, a throne-like single rear seat for the truly vain.

Geely hasn't released many details of the GE other than the fact that it's a bit over 17 feet long and that the interior is full of the luxury accouterments you'd expect of a Rolls-Royce knock-off, including wool carpeting, acres of wood and many hides of leather, especially wrapped around that rear-seat throne.

We're still waiting to hear Rolls-Royce's official response. The BMW-owned British luxury automaker sells many cars in China.