VW predicts 30 percent take rate on 2010 Golf TDI

Although many manufacturers are struggling to sell their new 50-state legal clean diesels, Volkswagen is expecting high-demand for its diesel-powered Golf hatchback in the United States. In fact, VW expects about 30 percent of Golf buyers to opt for the diesel engine option.

According to Automotive News, VW is forecasting such a high percentage due to strong demand for its current diesel offerings. Roughly 50 percent of Jetta wagon buyers go for the oil burner option, with 30 percent of Jetta sedan buyers choosing the diesel option. In fact, VW has had to up its allotment of diesel vehicles for the U.S.

However, the same can't be said for all German diesel offerings. BMW has seen lower-than-expected demand for its diesel-powered offerings - the 3-Series sedan and X5 SUV - with total sales expected to amount to 3,000 units this year. Diesel sales are slightly better at Mercedes-Benz, with 8 percent of sedan and SUV buyers going for the clean diesel option.