Audi drops 3.2 V6 from A3, A4, TT in U.S.

Audi says that the optional 3.2-liter V6 engine it currently offers in its A3, A4 and TT won't make the trip overseas for 2010 due to a combination of greater demand for the four-cylinder base engine as well as potential overlap with the upcoming supercharged V6 in the S4.

Just over 10 percent of 2009 A4s, the brand's volume model, have been sold with the V6 engine in North America. In the A4, the V6 has a 54-horsepower lead over the turbocharged four-cylinder, but it earns a notable 4 mpg less in the city and its torque rating is 15 lb-ft. lower than the entry-level engine. The TT and A3 don't share the same high-output four-cylinder that is in the A4.

Regardless of model, Audi had positioned V6-equipped A3s, A4s and TTs as more luxury-oriented trim levels than their less-expensive, four-cylinder siblings. As such, the A3 and A4 V6s only offered automatic transmissions and came in a limited number of trim levels.

Audi hopes that its upcoming diesel-engine A3 TDI, its high-performance TT RS and its S4 will fulfill voids left by the V6 - and then some.