Ferrari 599XX: Photo Update

Ferrari has released a handful of new photos depicting its recently-unveiled 599XX. The ultra-high-performance version of the 599 Fiorano was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. Much like the Enzo-based FXX, the 599XX is a track-only car, "aimed at a select group of clients" -- in other words, current Ferrari owners only.

Ferrari calls the 599XX a "technological laboratory", and it definitely looks the part in person. The standard front end of the 599 has been replaced with an aggressive front fascia, complete with a downforce-generating splitter. More wings and splitters are located on the rear end of the 599XX, with enough aerodynamics to create 630 kg of downforce at 185 mph.

Underhood, the 599XX uses a modified 6.0L V12 - cranking out 700 horsepower and capable of revving to 9,000 rpms. That power is put to the tarmac via unique black wheels, shod in racing tires. Carbon ceramic disc brakes are charged with slowing the 599XX.

Ferrari failed to release pricing for the 599XX, but expect pricing to match the car's exclusivity.

New Photos