VW halts Mexico production

Volkswagen says it is temporarily halting its production in Mexico for two weeks due to slackened demand for its products in the Americas. The automaker, which produces Jettas and New Beetles in Puebla, Mexico, says that the stoppage is not due to the recent swine flu outbreak.

The shutdowns began yesterday and continue for two weeks. They affect 9,400 workers, though Volkswagen says that this might be its last shut down this year, assuming sales continue at at least their current pace.

"Things are a lot better for us than they are for other (carmakers)," spokeswoman Consuelo Minutti told the media. "Global markets have shrunk and that affects us, but less severely than it has done for others."

VW is currently Mexico's largest builder of automobiles, having taken the title over from General Motors recently due to an uptick in exports to Europe.