President Obama plugs Ford's Escape Hybrid

President Barack Obama doesn't do much of his own driving these days, but the President recently traded in his Chrysler 300 on a Ford Escape Hybrid. Apparently President Obama greatly prefers his new ride to his old, giving the Escape Hybrid a ringing endorsement at today's announcement on fuel economy standards.

After announcing the new 35.5 mpg standard on Tuesday, President Obama gave an offhand plug of his Escape Hybrid. "By the way, I just want to mention, I think I still have my Ford parked in Chicago," Obama said. "It's a Ford hybrid, it runs great, you guys should take a look."

Ford CEO Alana Mulally was happy to hear the plug, but the other nine auto execs in attendance weren't as thrilled. Quickly realizing his bias comment, President Obama added: "But there are also some outstanding hybrids and energy-independent cars represented up here, so I didn't want to just advertise for one," according to the Detroit Free Press.

We're not sure if Ford's lack of federal funding played into the President's comments but with Chrysler currently in bankruptcy and General Motors on the verge of Chapter 11, it seems the President could have at least added a few more Detroit models to his list of endorsements.