Chrysler: Viper franchise getting "no purchaser interest"

The Dodge Viper has been poster material since it first launched in 1992, but a downtrodden economy may spell the end for the iconic nameplate. Chrysler has had the Viper and its Corner Avenue production plant on the market for several months with little interest fielded.

According to a new court document, Chrysler has received little interest in the Viper nameplate or the Corner Avenue plant. Chrysler is asking $10 million for the whole package, but hasn't received any offers approaching that sum.

"We received no purchaser interest," Chrysler chairman Bob Nardelli told Automotive News. "The market for such assets is extremely depressed at this time."

The court document reveals Chrysler has only received one offer for the Viper franchise. On May 15th Devon Motor Works offered Chrysler $5.5 million for the Viper nameplate - with no assumption of liabilities - and also made a bid to lease the Corner Avenue facility for one year.

A group led by Polish investors has also expressed interest in Chrysler' Viper business, but has yet to make an offer.