Audi says e-Version R8 rumors are "not true"

Rumors surfaced earlier this week that Audi was readying an all-electric version of its R8 supercar to debut at September's Frankfurt Motor Show, but the German automaker says those reports are untrue. Audi was tipped to be readying an EV version of the R8 dubbed the "˜e-Version'.

Reports of the e-Version R8 first surfaced in European publications this week, but an Audi spokesperson revealed to Edmunds the rumors are "not true". The rumors never addressed what specific drivetrain would be used for the e-Version R8, but early guesses ranged from a diesel-hybrid to a pure electric.

Whatever the case, executives over at Tesla Motors are likely happy to hear the latest news.

Although the e-Version R8 will not be gracing the Frankfurt stage, at least one other R8-variant will be on hand. Look for Audi to unveil the long-awaited R8 Spider at the German show.