Mazda to reorganize, focus on electric power

Mazda, which recently said that it will begin focusing its future vehicle development on electric-powered cars, confirmed earlier today that it will reorganize its global operations. Mazda will also open a new department dedicated exclusively to high-efficiency EV powertrains.

Mazda says that it will look to improve "organizational efficiency and speed up the decision making process for operations in each region." Though the company hasn't announced specifics, expect a management shakeup across the board.

The company, which had long been an opponent of electrification, changed its stance earlier this year in light of slipping global sales.

Mazda has also been toying with the idea of a dual-fuel version of its next-generation rotary engine, but it remains unclear if those plans have been suspended in lieu of EV development. Mazda proposed dual-fuel rotary would be capable of running on a gas-hydrogen mixture, netting 20 percent better fuel economy.