Tesla to take aim at Porsche with next EV sports car

Tesl's Roadster has been praised as a fantastic sports car no matter the drivetrain, but the Lotus-sourced EV has always faced one major criticism - lack of space. However, Tesla will look to correct this issue on the company's next sports car, which will likely take aim at Porsche's 911.

Although Tesl's Model S sedan has been stealing most of the headlines these days, WebRidesTV recently sat down with Tesla CEO Elon Musk to discuss the next-generation of the Roadster.

Musk revealed the next-generation Roadster will ride on a version of the Model S' platform, but the two-door will likely be making the switch from a convertible to coupe. Musk is a big Porsche fan and loves the fact his 911 Turbo is both fun to drive and relatively spacious. As such, the next "ËśRoadster' will grow to be a 2+2 coupe with enough cargo room -- thanks to smaller batteries -- for more than just a change of shoes. In fact, Musk says Tesl's next sports car will have 10 percent more rear seat room than the 911 and 50 percent more cargo room.

In addition to more space, the next Tesla sports car will also adopt all-wheel drive - a la Porsche's 911 range.

Tesla hasn't officially ruled out a second-generation Roadster, but it sounds as if a fixed-roof 911 competitor is first priority. No word on when Tesl's next sports car will bow, but early indications suggest sometime in 2013.