Tata planning to sell Nano city car in U.S.

Following rumors from earlier this year, Ratan Tata - head of Indi's Tata Motors - has confirmed that his company is readying a version of the Nano city car for the United States. The Nano, priced at under $2,000 in its home market, is currently the cheapest car on the market.

Although still somewhat shocking, the announcement isn't completely unexpected. Tata debuted a European-spec Nano at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show and has hinted a similar model might be in the cards for the U.S. market.

Speaking at the Cornell Global Forum, Mr. Tata acknowledged that the Nano still has plenty of obstacles to overcome before it can be sold in the U.S. market, but assured the panel the city car is U.S.-bound.

"It will need to meet all emission and crash standards and so we hope in the next two years we will be offering such a vehicle in the U.S," he told Automotive News.

The Nano Europa -- which is said to achieve 65 mpg -- will hit European soil in 2011 with a price tag of about $2,300. Mr. Tat's comments suggest a similar timeframe for a U.S. launch.

No word on how much the U.S. Nano will list for, but it will likely command a slight premium over its European counter part due to more stringent crash and emission laws.