GM considering G8 for core brand?

The Pontiac brand will cease to exist after next year, but one of the brand's brightest stars could live on in one of General Motors's remain core brands. GM CEO Fritz Henderson has stated that no Pontiac model will live on in the "˜new' General Motors, but one GM exec has hinted there might be a future for the G8 sedan.

Tom Stephens, General Motors' vice chairman of global product development, revealed to Automotive News that the G8's fate may not be completed sealed. "I know there's still discussions on it," he said.

Stephens wasn't overly optimistic the G8 would find a home in the Chevrolet lineup as the next-generation Impala SS - saying "Chevrolet already has several sedans" - but didn't rule out a version of the G8 for the Buick lineup. Buick currently has two sedan offerings, neither of which is rear-wheel drive.

Although the survival of the G8 still seems like a long shot at this point, we hope GM is at least considering keeping the sports sedan around. Sales of the G8 have actually picked up in recent months - despite a lack of advertising and the winding down of the Pontiac brand - so there is definitely potential for the platform. However, GM seems to have a knack for killing vehicles just as they come into their own, so we won't hold our breath.