Chevrolet Camaro outsells the Ford Mustang for first time in 16 years

Chevrolet's all-new 2010 Camaro is back with a vengeance, dethroning the Ford Mustang as the best-selling pony car during the month of June. The Camaro was one of the loan bright spots for General Motors as demand for the Camaro nearly doubled the automaker's expectations.

Chevrolet managed to sell 9,320 examples of the Camaro last month, compared to 7,362 June sales for the 2010 Ford Mustang. The last time the Camaro outsold the Mustang in a single month was October 1993, according to Automotive News. The Camaro was all-new for 1993 while the Mustang was awaiting its 1994 redesign.

More of the same could be in store for July and beyond as Chevrolet is struggling to keep up with Camaro demand. Chevrolet initially received 14,000 pre-orders for the Camaro and has since been bombarded with another 25,000 dealer orders. Camaro demand is so high right now that there is only about a 6-9 day supply on the market with most dealers getting at least $500 over sticker.

In addition to its retro good looks, the Camaro's powertrains are likely behind its strong sales numbers. The base Camaro comes with a 29 mpg 304 horsepower V6 - almost matching the V8 offered in the Mustang GT - while the SS model offers up to 422 horsepower, a figure only topped by the $46,000+ Mustang GT500.

It remains to be seen if the Camaro will be able to hang on for the full-year sales title, an honor the Camaro hasn't taken home since 1985.