2010 Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Special Edition: Revealed

Confirming earlier rumors, Chevrolet has officially announced the 2010 Camaro Transformers Special Edition. The $995 Transformers Special Edition option first appears on Chevrolet's Web site earlier today, followed by an official press release from the automaker.

Available on Rally Yellow LT and SS models, the Transformers package is intended to emulate the Bumblebee character from the Transformer movies. "When the first Transformers movie was setting box office records, we had countless customers asking to purchase the "╦ťBumblebee' Camaro," said Karen Rafferty, product marketing director, Chevrolet. "Now, they can buy one with the new Camaro Transformers Special Edition. Streets all over North America will be buzzing in no time."

The Transformers package includes Autobot badging on the car's driver and passenger side panels, each of the four wheel's center caps and on the interior center console. The Transformers logo will be used on the Camaro's door sills and embedded into the package's standard high-gloss black hood rally stripes.

No performance improvements will be included in the Transformers package, but it can be had in tandem with the Camaro's RS package. The Transformers Special Package is available now at Chevrolet dealers nationwide.