Nissan releases details of EV platform

Nissan introduced its dedicated electric vehicle platform earlier today. Shown in prototype form wrapped in a Tiida/Versa body, the automaker is keeping the final design a secret until it opens its new Yokohama, Japan, headquarters on August 2 by unveiling three EV models.

The EV-11 prototype test car features a 107-horsepower, 206 lb-ft. of torque electric motor that enables the compact EV to travel up to 100 miles on a single charge. The 24 kWh laminated compact lithium ion battery pack is mounted under the car's floor for interior packaging convenience, as well as for helping to reduce drag. It charges via a regenerative braking system.

Inside, the production EV will feature a full computer system to keep drivers updated on the battery's charge situation, including a navigation-based driving radius map to help prevent drivers from being stuck without a dead battery on the way to their final destination.

Nissan says it will unveil the production vehicle, which won't be bodied the same as the model shown, when it opens its new Global Headquarters in Yokohama on August 2. The company is also expected to introduce an electric SUV.