Renault-designed Saturns possible

Renault has confirmed that it has talked to Roger Penske about assembling vehicles to be sold under the Saturn name, a spokesperson for the French automaker said. Though few details have been set, the deal would be achieved independently from Nissan, which would still allow the Japanese automaker, which formed an alliance with Renault, to pursue ventures with Chrysler.

Earlier this year, word came that Penske was interested in rebadging Renault's Korean subsidiary's products and selling them in North America as Saturns. The deal would not include any effort to share platforms, but rather to simply assemble Renault vehicles and badge them as Saturns.

"He is looking for cars to sell. He has looked at all car makers, and he has seen that Renault has a nice line-up, sharing power trains with Nissan that are obviously adapted to the U.S. market," Renault CEO Patrick Pelata said at a meeting in Paris yesterday.

"He's asking us: 'Do you want to sell us cars?' and we are discussing about how to sell him cars," Pelata said.

New Renault-engineered vehicles have not been present in the North American market for about 20 years, though the automaker does share some platforms with Nissan.